Orbital Insight Executives Present at AWS All-Hands Event

“We see what our customers can’t. We do this via AI and multisensor data fusion on our TerraScope platform. Our layered data capabilities give our customers deep insights that they wouldn't have otherwise. Our partnership with AWS brings tremendous value in terms of scalability, reliability, and credibility.” - Susan G. Hunt, CRO
“Our platform enables our customers to understand economic activity, trends, and changes around the world, in near real-time. Whether it’s military airbases, commercial ports, manufacturing plants - or even shopping malls, and amusement parks. Our users can do this in Orbital Insight TerraScope quickly, easily, and cost-effectively, without leaving their chair or reading outdated quarterly financial and market research reports.” - Jens Tellefsen, SVP Product

AWS All-Hands Event | Susan G. Hunt, CRO, & Jens Tellefsen, SVP Product

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a key technology partner, supporting our vision to provide the best SaaS platform for geospatial analytics. We were thrilled to be invited to an All-Hands event to show this video and to speak in person with AWS CEO, Adam Selipsky, and AWS employees, about the value of geospatial intelligence to our common customers. AWS infrastructure and services enable our platform to scale easily in terms of data storage and computing, which translates to delivering a stable service and an increasingly valuable platform for our customers. 

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