Unlock Supply Chain Competitive Advantage

Early adopters in manufacturing and supply chain management are exploiting AI-powered geospatial data analysis to unlock opportunities to outsmart competitors and increase the resiliency of supply chains.
Now on demand | Exploiting Geospatial Data for Competitive Insights & Resilient Supply Chains

In the face of market volatility, who knows what the future holds? You can’t slow the pace of change or its direction, but you can reduce risk, make decisions confidently and shift proactively with Facility Intelligence - a powerful solution that reveals opportunities and risks, in near real-time. 

Geospatial analytics provides visibility across your entire portfolio of strategic assets - and those of your competitors, too - so you can get “eyes on” what you can control today and actionable insights to plan for tomorrow. 

Watch now to see the results of multimodal, multisensor geospatial analysis in action, applied to a real-world use case. You’ll learn what’s possible, including: 

  • How layered data visualizations can reveal previously hidden relationships between and within industrial, manufacturing and other sites, for hyper-local insights at global scale 
  • How you can watch and measure new sites being built and new capacity coming online - yours or your competitor’s 
  • How you can measure to manage deep-tier suppliers, and spot new opportunities for expansion or diversification of your supply chain

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