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Orbital Insight turns millions of images into a big-picture understanding of Earth. Not only does this create unprecedented transparency, but it also empowers business and policy decision-makers with new insights and unbiased knowledge of socio-economic trends. As the number of Earth-observing devices grows and their data output expands, Orbital Insight’s geospatial analytics platform finds observational truth in an interconnected world. We map out and quantify the world’s complexities so that organizations can make more informed decisions.


Artificial Intelligence + Data Science = 20 / 20 Vision

Geospatial Big Data Fuels Action

By applying artificial intelligence to satellite, UAV, and other geospatial data sources, we seek to discover and quantify societal and economic trends on Earth that are indistinguishable to the human eye. Combining this information with terrestrial data, such as mobile and location-based data, unlocks new sources of intelligence.

Orbital Insight informs companies, governments, humanitarian, and environmental organizations about natural and man-made events on our planet and how they are often interconnected. Monitoring, tracking, and measuring elements across the globe, and understanding how they relate to one another, leads to a greater level of confidence in decision-making.


How Orbital Insight Began

When the commercial space industry started building smaller, cheaper satellites and remote vehicles to observe Earth, it created a data explosion. However, no software existed to interpret the trillions of pixels these devices transmitted to Earth from space.

Because the ability to depict and understand our physical environment is uniquely human, Orbital Insight was founded to develop software that derives meaning and insight from geospatial big data. Now, satellite and aerial images are more than just beautiful pictures – they are a source of intelligence about our ever-changing world.

Founded in 2013 by James ‘Jimi’ Crawford, PhD., a former NASA scientist and Engineering Director at Google Books, Orbital Insight develops software that makes it possible to characterize economic and societal trends at global, regional, and hyper­local scales.

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