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Multi-Class Object Detection

Automated detector for ships, aircraft, and vehicles using best in class multiclass object detection algorithms

Computer vision is a foundational technology with powerful applications in the defense, intelligence, law enforcement, and commercial sectors. Object detection is a category of computer vision classification algorithms that operate on satellite imagery to identify and count individual objects that appear in the imagery. Orbital Insight’s GO platform users have access to advanced object detection algorithms to identify multiple classes of objects such as ships, aircraft, cars, trucks, and railcars. Our state-of-the-art multiclass object detection algorithms will bring immediate benefits to the defense and intelligence community for security, supply chain, and other critical needs.

Object detection algorithms will enable the military and intelligence community to monitor activity at thousands of areas of interest automatically. Researchers at policy-making institutions and think tank organizations will be able to leverage these algorithms to track the movement of railcars, count the number of cars at public places and monitor land use to prevent deforestation. Supply chain professionals will find it easy to monitor cargo ship movement, detect fishing vessels, and other fleets with the help of automated detectors. Our algorithms are available to detect ships, aircraft, and vehicles.

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Ship Detection: 

The GO platform features our advanced ship detection algorithm for automated detection of maritime vessels anywhere on the planet. The algorithm can identify seven classes of ships: Aircraft Carrier, Submarine, Tanker/Container, Cruise Ship, Military Warship, Tugboat, and others.


Aircraft Detection: ​​

Our multiclass aircraft detector includes six classes of aircraft: Fighter, Bomber, Large Military, Helicopter, Small Aircraft, Large Commercial.

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Vehicle Detection: 

Our multiclass object detection algorithms can detect different classes of vehicles including Cars, Trucks, and Railcars. The platform will soon have algorithms to detect Mobile Missile Launchers and Tanks.

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