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Supply Chain Intelligence

Actionable intelligence to discover supply chain relationships, get unprecedented visibility, track activity, and respond to disruptions

Orbital Insight‘s Supply Chain Intelligence solution provides automated, GPS-based location intelligence to supply chain leaders, procurement managers, and demand planning analysts. The solution empowers users with objective, scalable and cost-effective insights in near real-time so that they can make the right decisions, improve operations and achieve sustainability goals.

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Visibility and traceability beyond direct suppliers: 

Supply chain practitioners can visualize and trace the entire supply chain from first to the last mile by analyzing geolocation data of vehicle movements. The solution uncovers logistics and sourcing patterns by analyzing device movements, delivers a granular analysis of the sourcing footprint, and gives insights into cross-traffic between facilities. It provides visibility into your opaque supply chains at all tiers (especially tier 2 suppliers and beyond), giving you a complete picture of all the players in your supply chain ecosystem. The solution can be implemented to address multiple use cases such as identifying inefficiencies, regulatory compliance, monitoring suppliers for unusual activity, etc.


Total supply chain mapping to uncover competitive insights: 

Besides a deep understanding of your supply chain, our solution gives you insights into your competitor’s supply chain. You can map the end-to-end supply chain and, using powerful visualizations, understand competitors’ supply chain vulnerabilities. By providing visibility into competitor supply chains, the solution enables you to take advantage of opportunities when they arise, whether developing new products, sourcing an alternative, or pricing power based on location intelligence.

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"To improve the visibility and traceability of our commodity supply chains, we’re using satellite imagery, geolocation data, blockchain and AI. We’re part of Global Forest Watch, a group of companies developing radar technology to detect deforestation more quickly and accurately. In 2020, we began working with US geospatial analytics specialist Orbital Insight to get data around the ‘first mile’ in our supply chains. Working with Google Cloud, we then refine this data to get accurate images of the forests, biodiversity and water cycles that intersect our supply chain.

"What Orbital Insight is selling is truths about the world."

Bloomberg Businessweek

Supply Chain Traceability

Supply Chain Traceability

Discover, map and monitor the multi-tier relationships that make up the supply chain networks that you and your competitors rely on. Uncover the logistical links between factories, farms, suppliers, stores, and distribution facilities on a global scale.

Sustainable Sourcing

Sustainable Sourcing

Traceability is the first step in identifying and course-correcting unsustainable practices, particularly in industries like palm, soy, paper pulp and rubber. Ensure that you and your partners are meeting your commitments to sustainability by tracing your supply to its source.

Site Monitoring

Site Monitoring

Track activity at your suppliers to be alerted of any anomalous behaviour. Track activity at your competitors to seize new opportunities. Track activity at your customers to optimize operational decisions.


When Unilever committed to ending deforestation across their supply chain, they turned to Orbital Insight to help provide transparency into their suppliers’ operations. Unilever is able to use the GO platform to track mobile device data entering the mills of their suppliers. With this data, Unilever is able to ensure that the palm fruits used at the mills they purchase from are sourced from trustworthy, sustainable plantations, reducing their exposure to crops that are connected to deforestation.

Supply Chain Visibility

Traceability is the first step in identifying and course-correcting unsustainable practices. While most supply chains in commodities such as palm, soy, paper pulp, and rubber are opaque, with little visibility beyond the first tier, Orbital Insight’s digital transformation approach offers an empirical, real-time, and economical alternative.

Orbital Insight unveils additional sourcing relationships beyond those assumed to be in your supply chain. Orbital Insight’s digital approach visualizes a network of the farms, refineries, ports, mills, and silos associated with your business.

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Historical and Ongoing Deforestation Monitoring

Deforestation commodities have the world’s most complex supply chains, making sustainable sourcing seem impossible. Sourced from over 800 million global devices, the solution identifies problematic suppliers connected to deforestation.

GO tracks supplier sustainability practices by automatically detecting and alerting you to changes in plantation activity such as the clearing of virgin rainforest, so you can make true social and economic progress.

Orbital Insight Deforestation Monitoring in Sumatra
Orbital Insight Deforestation Monitoring in Sumatra

Become a Leader in Sustainable Sourcing

Do you have real-time data that goes beyond your suppliers to their suppliers’ suppliers? Can you map back to the very first mile? Is your supply chain responsible for deforestation?

Ongoing geospatial monitoring can track the relationship strength between nodes in the supply chain, so that you can take action.
Real-time traceability and actionable deforestation analytics make sustainability possible. You now have the power to meet deforestation commitments and become a market leader in sustainable sourcing.

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Global Methodology

Works in various countries, sectors and commodities.


Not dependent on data from your suppliers.

Consumer goods

Scalable & Cost-Effective

Geospatial analytics of big data; no need for manual data entry.


Updated data available daily.

Scalable & Cost-Effective

Geospatial analytics of big data; no need for manual data entry.


Updated data available daily.

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