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Platform Benefits

Performance & Scale

The GO platform is designed to answer global questions and global questions require global scale and performance to match. The platform, to-date, has processed petabytes of imagery, billions of IoT pings and detected more than 8.7 billion objects using our computer vision algorithms. Our architecture is designed to elastically scale to manage more sensors, more measurements and more algorithms. Said differently, we are poised to answer the world’s biggest questions.
We know our clients use GO to answer mission critical questions where timeliness matters. With that in mind, we focus our efforts on cutting latency wherever possible and providing three 9’s of reliability (99.9% uptime).

Data Quality

Data is the core of our business so you know that we take it seriously. At Orbital, we strive to offer the best algorithms in the market with only the best data sources available.
We know that our outputs are only as good as our inputs so our process starts by consistently scanning the marketplace for the best data vendors available. Our new data sources team puts the vendors and their data through rigorous evaluations before we ever purchase data for our platform.
Our data operations team ingests and cleans the data, taking care to understand the specific characteristics of the data. Their work corrects and removes different types of news so that our algorithms teams and customers can work with curated data libraries that are optimally partitioned.
Our algorithms team then work to automate analysis using computer vision and machine learning models. Once an algorithm is released, the lifecycle is not over. Our teams continuously monitor algorithm performance and make updates to improve performance. All updates are included in the subscription to GO so that you can be confident everything available is state of the art.

Data core business


The GO platform aims to make it easy to answer a myriad of geospatial questions. At every point, we have designed GO to be as flexible as possible. This means being able to adapt to new types of data or new types of algorithms. We also design so that every data source, every processing step and every algorithm is multi-purpose, not separated out for single use.
Making it easy to use also means not forcing you into new systems. The GO platform is designed to meet you where you already work. We are able to integrate into existing systems and workflows via our developer centric API. We are also able to develop app layers that streamline analysis.


When you use our services, you trust that we are ethically and responsibly sourcing, storing and exposing our data. This is a big responsibility that we take seriously. That's why we have extremely high standards and best practices to ensure:

  • A Private and Secure Data Platform
  • Quality Suppliers
  • Customer Privacy

Private and Secure Data Platform

Global perspective means looking at the big picture but requires protecting the privacy rights of individuals. As such, Orbital Insight never shares personal identifiable information with our customers. Insights are derived at a granular level and are anonymized through aggregation before they are delivered to our users.

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Quality Suppliers

We find the best data sources and conduct rigorous work to validate potential business partners' data efficacy and privacy policies. We structure our agreements to ensure that all of our providers meet or exceed the standards set forth by local legislation.

Customer Privacy

The insights you generate are yours and yours alone. Orbital Insight will never share your results and analyses.

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