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Geospatial Intelligence

Applying Computer Vision to Railcar Detection

Application of Object Detection using Orbital Insight GO

At Orbital Insight, we have built a platform called GO that combines remote sensing data with machine learning. It allows users to select any location in the world and analyze activity over time using our built-in computer vision and geolocation algorithms.

Our computer vision team here at Orbital Insight is focused on building algorithms to detect different objects in remote sensing imagery across the world. For example, in a recent project, we used high-resolution satellite imagery from Planet, provider of global, daily data and insights about Earth, to build a railcar detector. This model was requested by one of our customers and is intended to provide information about economic activity across different countries in combination with a ship and aircraft detector.

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Supply Chain Monitoring

Do you recognize the top 7 trends shaping supply chain management in 2021 and beyond? (Part 2)

Did you know that transnational supply chains represent 80% of global trade, touching a significant part of our daily lives? Are you aware that supply chains are the foundation on which all commercial and public sector operations depend? A disruption in the supply chain results in chaos everywhere, from the production line to the retail shop and the breakfast table! No surprise that supply chain management has become a pressing issue for CEOs at companies across industries of all sizes as well as military and defense organizations. In the first part of this two-part blog series, we discussed the top three trends - Visibility, Resilience, and Hyperconnectivity-shaping supply chain practices. In this second blog, we review the remaining four trends that will make a difference for years to come:

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Supply Chain Monitoring

Do you recognize the top 7 trends shaping supply chain management in 2021 and beyond? (Part 1)

Whether you are looking for high-performance computing servers, new energy-efficient appliances, or the latest model of your favorite car brand, you may be aware of the increasing demand and tight supply situation. Out-of-stock items, limited inventory, and high prices have become a norm. For example, used cars prices are up 30% from a year ago. The global shortage of semiconductor chips has had cascading effects on the availability of industrial and consumer products. The trickle-down effects of the Covid-19 outbreaks have brought supply chains into the limelight. The executive teams at multinational companies are laser focussed on supply chains, chief supply chain officers (CSCOs) have the budget and mandate to transform operations. In this two-part blog, we look at some of the trends that are influencing supply chain management:

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Defence and Intelligence

The role of geospatial analytics in defense and intelligence

Geospatial analytics makes intel analysts more effective with real-time insights, enhances national security with airbase monitoring, and radically transforms defense capabilities with anomaly detection.

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Supply Chain Intelligence

How do you adapt, restructure & modernize your supply chain?

Rising costs, trade wars, environmental shocks, and unforeseen factory lockdowns will continue to hinder supply chains. Location intelligence can enable you to respond to change, improve visibility and transform into a connected supply network.

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Supply Chain Monitoring

In Southeast Asia’s Oil Palm Fields, Orbital Insight Teams with Unilever to Fight Deforestation

Palm oil is an ingredient in many U.S. food products, an important biofuel in Europe and one of the world’s most widely-traded commodities. More than half the 70 million tons of palm oil produced annually is consumed in five regions — India, China, the European Union, Malaysia and Indonesia.

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Analyzing the Beirut Explosion with Geospatial Analytics

At least 135 people were killed and 5,000 wounded as of August, 5 2020 in the Beirut explosion. Orbital Insight's analyst team applied its commercial product to help first responders, government agencies, and NGOs understand the extent of the damage with rapid geospatial analytics from Airbus SPOT imagery.

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Real Estate

Orbital Insight Launches its Real Estate Foot Traffic Analytics Product

Purpose-built for data-driven decision making, GO Property is the next generation solution for asset management, diligence, and property marketing.

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Tracking the Coronavirus: Auto Plant Restarts

Orbital Insight has been closely monitoring US and international auto production, plant by plant, to help investors quantify the economic impact of COVID-19 on the autos sector and recovery by geography and brand.

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