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Our leadership team is made up of focused and creative thinkers who are also scientists, engineers, and business leaders who are intent on making the world a more transparent place.

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Orbital Insight is your behind-the-scenes geospatial data and analytics secret advantage. Our number one goal is to map out and quantify the world’s complexities so that organizations like yours can make more informed decisions. Since 2013, the team at Orbital Insight has brought together Silicon Valley's greatest minds in AI, big data, and product leadership. We've experienced first-hand the pains facing our customers in different industries and are resolved to map the world for you to help solve them.

We've built not only a robust technology platform, but also a transformational experience, with experts who walk you through how to incorporate trusted geospatial data into your business.

James Crawford

Chairman and Founder

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Jim Cook

Chief Financial Officer

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James Crawford

Careers at Orbital Insight

Imagine continuously gathering and turning millions of images daily into a big-picture understanding of Earth, so that business and world leaders can make more informed decisions ...

That's just a fraction of what you'd be a part of at Orbital Insight.

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