Ethics Statement

Orbital Insight measures what is happening on and to Earth to quantify and accelerate economic, environmental, and humanitarian progress. In pursuit of our mission, we’re committed to following specific moral principles and maintaining high ethical standards.

We do not develop or condone any intent to harm humanity, the environment, and/or society. Doing so would be inconsistent with our personal and corporate values. With this in mind, we review each business opportunity and confirm fit with our company values and our ways of working.

Orbital Insight sources, processes and transforms massive amounts of geospatial datasets to help businesses, governments and NGOs make more informed decisions. Examples include, but are not limited to, monitoring U.S. retail traffic, predicting global oil tank storage volumes, and mapping poverty in remote rural areas.

To broaden the utility of our geospatial analytics solutions, we work with aggregated and anonymized data across industries. As a result, we are subject to industry standards adopted by organizations who commercially package their data products. At Orbital Insight, we take individual privacy seriously. Our product design and development does not enable our customers to monitor or track individuals.

Orbital Insight works diligently to earn our customers’ trust and we rely on our unique capabilities to win business. To do this, we comply with anti-corruption laws and government contracting requirements. Making improper payments to win business within the United States and internationally is strictly forbidden.

As we operate in the financial services industry, we prohibit our employees from attempting to sell or use confidential information to trade securities based on our customers’ proprietary information.

We aspire to grow a dynamic ecosystem of geospatial data partners. To achieve this goal, we conduct due diligence to validate potential partners’ business practices and ethical standards before engaging with them.