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Gain an empirical and real-time view of your raw material sourcing and sustainability. Ensure your materials are sustainably sourced and drive positive social and economic outcomes.

Transform Sustainability Sourcing Initiatives with Facts

Historically, companies had to rely on educated guesses to support sustainability initiatives and ensure that their materials were sustainably sourced.

Today, by leveraging geospatial data, we can gain meaningful insight to economic, environmental, and social impacts of activities and events that support sustainability goals and provide confidence that we're doing the right thing.

Orbital Insight helps consumer packaged goods (CPGs) companies, suppliers, and refiners improve their sustainable sourcing.

Orbital Insight GO offers:

  • Visibility into your living, breathing supply chain
  • Historical and ongoing deforestation monitoring
  • Brand equity

Supply Chain Visibility

Traceability is the first step in identifying and course-correcting unsustainable practices. While most supply chains in commodities such as palm, soy, paper pulp, and rubber are opaque, with little visibility beyond the first tier, Orbital Insight’s digital transformation approach offers an empirical, real-time, and economical alternative.

Orbital Insight unveils additional sourcing relationships beyond those assumed to be in your supply chain. Orbital Insight’s digital approach visualizes a network of the farms, refineries, ports, mills, and silos associated with your business, giving you:

  • Transparency – Discover the previously undiscovered nodes in your supply chain, such as those of your supplier’s suppliers and improve overall supply chain visibility and understand which materials are sustainably sourced
  • Objectivity – Quantify the logistical relationship between newly discovered farms and plants
  • Timeliness – Understand new sources of procurement and potential risk in near real-time
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Historical and Ongoing Deforestation Monitoring

Deforestation commodities have the world’s most complex supply chains, making sustainable sourcing seem impossible. Sourced from over 800 million global devices, the solution identifies problematic suppliers connected to deforestation.

GO tracks supplier sustainability practices by automatically detecting and alerting you to changes in plantation activity such as the clearing of virgin rainforest, so you can make true social and economic progress.

Orbital Insight Deforestation Monitoring in Sumatra
Orbital Insight Deforestation Monitoring in Sumatra

Brand Equity

Drive shareholder value as a sustainable consumer brand. Optimize visibility into operations to avoid approaching the edge of a PR disaster or loss of market leadership.

Lead a revolution in traceability and transparency of key commodities. GO helps you start identifying your first mile risk in real-time.

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"What Orbital Insight is selling is truths about the world."

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Use Cases

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Benefits of GO to Support Sustainability Efforts

With GO, CPG companies, CSR investment analysts, and raw goods suppliers will pioneer the future state of sustainable sourcing and achieve:

  1. Real-time Data: Discover new routes and suppliers through digital collection, rather than paper-based self reporting.
  2. First Mile Visibility: Pierce the veil of T1 suppliers to understand from where your commodities are sourced.
  3. Scalability: The solution is deployable across the major commodities connected to deforestation, at country-wide scale.
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