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Gain an empirical and real-time view of your raw material sourcing and sustainability. Orbital Insight’s sustainability solution helps consumer packaged goods companies trace their commodity sourcing to the farm level and evaluate their sustainability.

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Orbital Insight helps manufacturers, suppliers, and refiners improve their sustainable sourcing. While most supply chains in commodities such as palm, soy, paper pulp, and rubber are opaque, with little visibility beyond the first tier, Orbital Insight’s digital transformation approach offers an empirical, real-time, and economical alternative.


View the living, breathing supply chain with Orbital Insight GO’s digital transformation. In contrast to the paper-based status quo, Orbital Insight unveils additional sourcing relationships beyond those assumed to be in your supply chain. Orbital Insight’s digital approach visualizes a network of the farms, refineries, ports, mills, and silos associated with your business, giving you:

  • Transparency – Discover the previously undiscovered nodes in your supply chain, such as those of your supplier’s suppliers
  • Objectivity – Quantify the logistical relationship between newly discovered farms and plants
  • Timeliness – Understand new sources of procurement and potential risk in near real-time


Track supplier sustainability practices with Orbital Insight GO’s deforestation monitoring. Our AI-driven deforestation solution automatically detects and alerts to changes in plantation activity such as the clearing of virgin rainforest, thus empowering:

  • Sustainability Commitments – Make true progress in your sustainability pledges by identifying and reacting to the red flags within your supply chain
  • Social and Economic Progress – Further positive biodiversity and social impact with proven advancements in sustainable sourcing
  • Greater Brand Equity – Drive greater brand and shareholder value as a sustainable consumer brand

Case Study: Uncovering Brazil’s Entire Soy Network

While paper-based solutions record only reported transactions with little insight beyond first-tier suppliers, Orbital Insight GO’s digital transformation monitors truck movements, sourcing location data from over 800 million anonymized cell phone devices globally and deforestation from millions of daily satellite images. Orbital Insight was able to uncover new suppliers unbeknownst to one of the world’s largest consumer packaged goods companies and identified potential areas of interest at risk for deforestation associated with their operations.