Customer Success Stories

From real estate companies to consumer packaged goods, countries to military, Orbital Insight GO has made the world more transparent for a wide range of industries.

RBC Tracks the Coronavirus Impact on Jet Fuel

Client Challenge

Past performance is not an indicator of future performance, as is the case with the Coronavirus. As jet fuel demand was negatively impacted by the outbreak of the Coronavirus, RBC Capital Markets needed the most recent, objective data to provide its clients with market intelligence as the situation unfolded.

Orbital Insight Solution

RBC Capital Markets applied Orbital Insight's AIS, geolocation, and satellite imagery analysis in their AI approach tracking the market impacts of COVID-19. Using timely, normalized geospatial data from Orbital Insight allowed the client to rapidly and accurately quantify changes in activity across Asia's cargo ports and airports.

Jet Taking Off

Energy Aspects Is the First to Know OECD Oil Inventories

Client Challenge

Oil markets are extremely subject to geopolitical risk. While government and independent agencies report supply-side statistics such as storage numbers, these are often delayed, subject to revision, or unavailable on a global scale.

Orbital Insight Solution

Energy Aspects partnered with Orbital Insight to track global oil inventories across 25,000 Floating Roof Tanks. By apply computer vision to millions of daily satellite images, the company accesses data on daily storage volumes even in the most opaque markets.

Oil tankers

Tokio Marine Helps Flood Victims in Record Time

Client Challenge

The 2018 Japan floods caused over 1 trillion dollars in property damage and took more than 200 lives. Tokie Marine is Japan’s largest flood insurance company, and getting insurance to those who needed to rebuild their lives was a priority. However, assessing damages across a wide area during extreme weather events is prohibitively difficult.

Orbital Insight Solution

Orbital Insight used Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) and AI to drive a technology-based solution by using cloud-penetrating satellite technology to track flood extent and depth.

The information was rapidly delivered to Tokio Marine, which was then able to intersect the data to identify impacted customers.


The U.S. Air Force Drives Innovation

Client Challenge

The AFWERX innovation lab supports the U.S. Air Force’s mission to fly, fight, and win in air, space, and cyberspace.

Increasing competition from Chinese Artificial Intelligence has prompted the U.S. executive branch and Department of Defense to accelerate the adoption of AI to meet current and future national security challenges.

Orbital Insight Solution

AFWERX awarded Orbital Insight with a SBIR contract to automate geospatial intelligence collection and analysis through multi-modal sources including optical, SAR, and aerial imagery at scale.


Meyers Research Uses Big Data to Power the Real Estate Market

Client Challenge

The leading provider in real estate analytics sends thousands of market analysts to track new housing starts across the United States.

Traditional sources of information are generally lagged, costly, and incomplete.

Orbital Insight Solution

Meyers Research partnered with Orbital Insight to track housing starts from foundation to finish across the United States with a daily sweep of satellite imagery.

When paired with computer vision and analytics, the algorithm detects and calculates housing construction across the entire United States in near real-time.

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“Whenever we rely on government data there is always a lag time. What we’re able to see is real-time flight activity in China, we’re able to see real-time port activity in China, we’re able to see real-time vehicle-traffic congestion data in China. This is able to give us a significant edge in terms of calling market inflection points.”

Michael Tran, Managing Director, Global Energy Strategy