Seeing through the Plant Walls at Rivian

Plant ramp-ups naturally relate to a surge of activity on the production floor.

The Rivian Example

Foot-traffic data compiled by Orbital Insight’s GO on Rivian shows a natural leap in activity at the plant of the startup electric truck manufacturer after it was awarded a deal to build 100,000 delivery vehicles exclusively for Amazon beginning from 2021.

Rivian Plant

Above: Orbital Insight GO detects a 600% increase in personnel YTD at Rivian’s plant.

Rivian Plymouth

Above: Orbital Insight GO detects a 500% increase in personnel YTD at Rivian Plymouth.

Staying Ahead Of The Competition

GO’s real-time data enables Rivian’s supply chain customers and suppliers to stay ahead of the company’s growth. By studying the foot-traffic at their plants, both upstream and downstream supply chain stakeholders can expand or wind down their own production capacity accordingly.

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