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Using GO To Drive Site Selection For Gas Stations

Site selection is the most fundamental aspect of a new gas station. While the best advice on design, build, operation and safety are often available to the new owner, there is very little ground truth in how the actual gas demand may be. This is a challenge not just for pump owners but also for […]

Orbital Insight GO Tracks America’s Fuel and Petrochemical Supply Chain

The U.S. midstream infrastructure for hydrocarbons — involving a web of integrated pipelines, ports and waterways, railroads, roadways and storage facilities — is essential for moving America’s energy supplies and products along the supply chain from producer to manufacturer to the consumer. Orbital Insight’s GO now maps the entire journey of America’s fuel and petroleum […]

Orbital Insight Energy Spotlight: Houthi Abqaiq Attack

Spotlight: Houthi Abqaiq Attack With regard to the current situation in Saudi Arabia, Orbital Insight continues to monitor all 639 domestic tanks that hold 191mm barrels of shell capacity as well as track shipments from its export locations. We will continue to update you with our proprietary insights on Saudi progress in returning to normal […]

Global Oil Inventories Continue to Climb Amid Middle East Tension and OPEC Output Cuts

Orbital Insight Chief Business Officer, Kevin O’Brien, shares the company’s latest above ground oil storage data surrounding Chinese builds, Iran sanctions and the upcoming OPEC meeting on Bloomberg Commodities Edge with Alix Steel. Video Transcript Alix Steel: I’m going to bring in now Kevin O’Brien, Chief Business Officer at Orbital Insight. Tensions flare, oil prices […]


Libya’s Weekly Oil Stockpiles Tumble Just Before Its Turmoil Worsens

Orbital Detects Decline in Crude Inventories Against the backdrop of falling global oil supplies, Orbital Insight has detected a substantial drop in crude inventories in Libya, one of OPEC’s top ten producers edging towards heightened internal military conflict. Libya’s crude stockpiles dropped by 830,000 barrels or 4.2% in the week ending April 1, Orbital’s satellite-based […]

Global Oil Stocks Up Despite OPEC Cuts Nearing Q1-End

As the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries’ market rebalancing nears the end of the first quarter, global stocks of oil are up across all calendar measures – week, month and year – Orbital Insight’s oil tank-monitoring data shows. Collated from Orbital Insight Energy, which covers more than 25,000 floating roof tanks monitoring over five […]

Cushing Oklahoma

Ten Thousand Barrels at Cushing

2018 was a good year for our energy product. We expanded coverage to over 25,000 tanks monitoring over five billion barrels of oil storage capacity worldwide, which is more coverage than anyone else. We expanded our satellite imagery library to unprecedented depth and breadth by combining the best qualities of electro-optical and Synthetic Aperture Radar […]

Discussing Global Oil Inventories on Bloomberg’s Commodities Edge

Heading into 2019 and OPEC’s meeting in Vienna on December 7th, we’ve observed a few interesting developments in oil inventories. Not only have we seen global inventories building in Q4, when we normally expect a draw, but we’ve also observed builds in non-OECD countries. Check out some of our findings on Bloomberg’s Commodities Edge with […]

How Geospatial Analytics Provides Insight into Global Oil Storage

Over the past month, multiple news articles have sourced data reported by well-respected governmental and non-governmental organizations describing the reasons behind rising oil prices—now approaching $75/barrel. This chart above from OPEC shows oil inventories in OECD countries at their lowest levels since 2015 and there has been speculation that this signaled a concerted effort by […]

Understanding Global Oil Storage Trends Through Geospatial Analytics

In light of the last OPEC meeting, ministers agreed to keep production levels unchanged. However, over the past 15 months, Orbital Insight has continued to observe interesting changes in year-over-year comparisons of global crude oil storage in floating roof tanks. Orbital Insight initially saw a major buildup of global inventory from January through April 2017, […]

Expanding Our Energy Product: Monitoring Oil Storage Across the Globe

In September 2016, we announced our China Oil product, which tracks how much oil is being stored in floating roof tanks in the world’s second-largest economy. The product came into the world with a bang: our algorithms found four times more storage capacity in China than industry reports had previously recorded. For us, this solidified […]