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PADD 2 Region

ExxonMobil’s Joliet In Maintenance Sprint as Crude Stocks Surge Before IMO 2020

Crude Stocks Surge Before IMO U.S. oil refiners are undertaking more maintenance than expected this spring, resulting in lower year-on-year product runs than expected, as they prepare to launch new low-sulfur marine fuels. That makes continuous coverage of refinery activity from our premium Refinery Data Feed all the more important to help industry participants build […]

Tulsa East (HollyFrontier)

HollyFrontier’s Tulsa Refinery Front-Runs Maintenance Season

Orbital Insight’s Weekly Refinery Roundup Amid the seasonal rise in U.S. pump prices, Orbital Insight brings you its weekly Refinery Roundup to monitor maintenance as the Spring turnaround season progresses. This free weekly newsletter collated from our refineries product tells you which plants are on track with scheduled work, which are ahead and which are […]

We’re Now Monitoring 85% of U.S. Refining Capacity

Our New Refineries Product Will Provide Daily Updates On Outages Up to Three Days Before Industry Reporting We know that refineries are the life force of the petroleum industry for an energy trader and even slight changes in their operations can critically alter oil supply information. Yet, past reporting on refinery outages has hardly been […]